August 10th, 2009
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I’ve had a bit of a crappy time recently, with a bunch of stuff really annoying me. So what perfect time to have a weekend away form it all in Leeds. Yes the home of the town where England got stuffed in the cricket. I went not to watch us get battered, but instead to catch up with a couple of good friends & my brother.

The main focus of the weekend was Saturday Night, a quiz at Idle Cricket ground, possibly the most mis-shapen cricket ground in the UK.


But before that, we had a curry, and outside the curry house was about a million quid’s worth of Ferrari’s, Lambroghini’s and other fast italian sports cars. It was cool, until we realised that they were rented, rather than bought by a bunch of people. One idiot though drove off with the doors open on his car, I can only hope they flew off.


Anyway, onto the quiz, and we won! Yes the “Quizz Akabussi & The Cillit Bangers” won 2 crates of lager, of which I drunk one bottle, for the pure and simple reason I was plastered already, and we gave most of the beer away. And the quiz felt a little – ahem – weighted in our favour. With a “Picture Round” of “Guess the Mr. Men”.


Anyway the reason for all these festivities is that , Guy and Zandr are doing a bike ride from London to Geneva in early September, and are after sponsorship! If you can sponsor Guy or sponsor Zandr, that would be great.

How was your weekend?

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