August 24th, 2009
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The Inverse Longest Yard


Creative Commons License photo credit: mezocaster

Rhys! Fern! Problogger! Sitepoint! Can you hear me? YOUR BOYS TOOK ONE HELL OF A BEATING!

Yes, England have regained the Ashes. After getting thumped by the convicts 5-0 in the last series, England have won 2-1 after destroying the Aussies in the final test in the Brit Oval. Also, it seems to be a hangover from the defeat that I have only 4 people/companies associated with Australia on my Google Reader, and one of them is a Brit.

Nevermind, we won, hurrah, but I can’t feel it’s a little muted this year, maybe because of two reasons:-

  1. We’ve learnt our lesson (a good thing) – remember Freddie stumbling out of the team hotel red eyed? Yeah, we kinda want to avoid that now, as it makes us look silly. We’re a little more humble now mainly?
  2. It’s on ruddy Sky! (a bad thing) - I’ve seen sod all of the play this year, seeing about a day and a half’s play over the course of the series. I haven’t actually seen a wicket as well. Whilst I have been working a lot more over this ashes series, the fact that it is on terrestrial surely affected viewers. Can’t people realise that sports being on Sky isn’t always a great thing. FAW, I’m looking at you.

But still, horray! We won! But I’m not as cock a hoop over it as last time. English cricket fans, are you?

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