Old Trafford
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nazmi Amin-Tai

There has been a lot of hoo haa recently regarding Manchester United, and the six minutes of injury time there on Sunday, which cost Manchester City a draw. The final goal – scored by Michael Owen – was in the 95th minute, and the whistle blew for full time seconds later. Match report here.

So this got me thinking, do you actually get more injury time at Old Trafford? Oh, I know, let me look at the stats, and go from there! It’ll be a great blog post! Simple.

Except not so simple. You see, I am unable to find anywhere on the internet full match reports for all of last seasons matches, I’m sure there’s a sinister reason for this.

Anyway, I’m planning to do this for this season is a “How much injury time to you get at Old Trafford” Spreadsheet! Yes, dull and boring, but by god it’ll set an argument to rest.

A couple of things:-

1. I am only looking at home games

2. My stats will be from the Sky Sports Football – live match commentary for each of the games.

3. I’m only working from full minutes played, as it becomes remarkably unmanageable.

I’m hoping that I will get 3 things at the end of the season. The team with the least injury time, the most injury time & also the ones that have more injury time than Manchester United.

At the moment, there has been between 4 (Liverpool) and 1 (West Ham United) games at home for the Premier League, but it’s too early to draw conclusions. But after the first round of games, 8 teams had more injury time than Manchester United’s reasonable 93, with Chelsea leading the pack with 95 minutes. Bear in mind that the next two games Man U played at home had 96 and 97 minutes of play.

I’ll deliver periodic reports throughout the season (5/10/15 games played probably), it’s easy blog material.

But tomorrow I will be examining one game in particular, as I’m off to Anfield to watch the Mighty Liverpool play Hull City. I’m hoping for lots of injury time, I paid a fortune for these tickets! It’s my first Premier League game, and another badge for the scarf. Will return with a blog post about it on Monday!


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