One of those’s amazing weekends, after the BWP show, was had as me and one of my friends headed to Huddersfield for Retro Reunited, a gaming convention. I, along with 300 Retro Garden Badges and 3 friends, arrived at around 3:30pm, and ended up getting fabulously drunk, and playing some video games.

The whole festival was a geek fest, in a good way, but these were the memorable moments.

  • Saturday Night post show & drinking copious amounts of beer with Jon Ritman, a game promoter from Ubisoft& developers of Mole Miner
  • Beatles Rock Band. I haven’t really played a “Rock Band” game, but over the course of the three days, I became at least pretty good, and certainly not That Guy.
  • Playing tons of video games for free.
  • Archer McLean saying that I asked a good question.

Here’s a few geeky pictures from the show, but a story from the show will follow!

But the real story from my weekend? My mate Si’s labour of love on Janey Thompson’s Marathon.

Some of you may or may not have played Janey Thompson’s Marathon. It’s a piss take game on e4 Games that features you, Track & Field stylee, running a whole marathon. It was in the b3ta newsletter a while back as well.

Anyway, Simon, who’s a bit of a determined bugger, was determined to complete the game, and be the first to do so. Unfortunately, some guy got there first, so he was resolute to do it the fastest. He had 2:54 (or thereabouts) to beat.


So, with a ridiculously overpriced pint in one hand, he sat down to complete it. This video catches the final stages of this epic feat.

YouTube Preview Image

The time? 2 hours, 22 minutes, 10 seconds. Which earned my mate a trip to the loo, an email from the creator of the game, and the cabinet to take home with him, which was firmly lodged up my keister as we hurtled along the M56.


I plan on writing a more detailed write up on Retro Garden in the next few days, with a look back at some of the games that were there. But that concluded my ace weekend!


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