Over the weekend, I crossed off another one of those things that I want to do before dying – attend a Premier League game. Yes, even though I lived in Liverpool for 4 years, I’d never seen either of the two premier league teams play a game. In fact, up until a “Rhys, fancy going to see Chester get thumped by Morecambe?” phone call last year, my only knowledge of football was non league stuff, with around 300 people, cold conditions, and warm bovril.

So Liverpool was something completely different. I collect badges (little sporting enamel badges really), of any sporting event I watch live, I scour the internet or buy on the day a badge depicting it (I have mainly football, but also a WWE & a New York Mets one – I’m missing three, a Warrington Town Pin Badge, a Glamorgan County Cricket Pin Badge & a Conwy United Pin Badge – so if anybody has any of these, I’d appreciate it!). How happy was I that – at least at Liverpool, maybe elsewhere – they produce match badges depicting the two teams! Oooh I like them a lot, and have begun browsing the internet for the only other game that could have produced a badge that I attended (Wales vs. Republic of Ireland, European Qualifier, Millenium Stadium 2007).I also bought the one for the game I attended – Liverpool vs. Hull City.

It was a pretty good game for a first game, with Liverpool beating Hull City 6-1 thanks to a Fernando Torres Hat Trick, a moment of brilliance for Steven Gerrard, and Ryan Babel scoring a brace from the sub’s bench. I tried taking some photos, here are some of the better ones, the quality of my camera the second you zoom in drops considrably.

Liverpool is famous for singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, and YNWA has become synonymous with Liverpool Football Club (as well as Glasgow Celtic, and a few other clubs as well), so hearing a rendition of it (and trying to sing along to it) was spine tingling.

YouTube Preview Image

After the game, we slowly made our way back to the city centre, and had a bite to eat before heading home. I do miss Liverpool, it’s a fabulous city, and although I’m going back in two weeks for a proper reunion of the Liverpool Ten Pin Bowling Club (remember that? Four years ago now!), I miss the vibe and the culture. Who knows – I may find my way back there one day!


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