This past weekend (incidentally I did make it to Silverdale, though purely as a non-competing role), I was mainly working on my new wordpress plugin (incidentally my first), and I’m looking for people to test it.

What does it do?
It is designed for people like me who want to test out the building of lists, to see whether it’s useful or not, and just see how many people join lists. What this does is put a simple opt-in form on the site, allowing people to sign up to your site for extra newsletters. It’s double opt in (meaning you have to confirm your subscription) before anybody can use it.

When you have a sizeable list, you can then export the emails to services such as Aweber & Mailchimp.

How can I test it?
Download it, run it on your blog for a while, if it works, let me know, and any features you want.

More importantly, let me know of any bugs!

What’s in it for me?
I’m planning on distributing this plugin heavily once in some sort of distributable state (which isn’t too far from now), on the page that will get linked to, you’ll get a link back thanking you.

That’s basically it, please let me know what you think of WP Email Capture, and if you’re happy with it, tell your friends, if you spot a bug, please tell me!

Click Here To Download

Please note this is test software, so please make backups of everything. Cheers

Not got wordpress?
You can test it on my site, just sign up to my newsletter in the top right hand corner!

Edit: Known issues include the following


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