Coding wise I’ve been stupidly productive at the moment, coding and promoting WP Email Capture (which has been rather fun, and well received by the community, thank you people!), and I’ve got 3 more ideas for plugin, which may or may not materialise. As well as an ebook or two on the go to promote my newsletter, the first edition of it went out last night.

Included in that newsletter was my latest plugin – WP Google Chrome Frame, which soft launched over the past week. Google Chrome Frame is a plugin for Internet Explorer 6 and IE7. What this does, if you cannot be arsed reading the blurb, is allow you to run Google Chrome through Internet Explorer, it’s Google’s latest effort to bring down Internet Explorer 6, along with the phasing out of support for Youtube on Microsoft’s age old browser.

WP Google Chrome Frame quite simply, once uploaded and activated, will allow users of your blog who are using IE6 with Google Chrome Frame to experience your website in all it’s glory. If not, it can display a nag screen asking them to install the plugin (though by default it is disabled).

Long story short, if you have designed your own blog and you get stressed with code not working as it should in IE6 & IE7, you need this plugin, it’ll hopefully mean you will never have to test in IE6 again! If enough blogs install this plugin, we may see it dropped from useful support


To download, hit this mahoosive button:-

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