On the front page of my local paper, there was a large story about how Conwy Council Have Banned Blogging. I’ll be honest the story is very ambiguous, as I’m not sure how far the ban goes (for example, if I worked for the council, would I have to stop this blog). A number of people though have a number of strong views on this though:-

Cllr Abdul Khan, Mayor of Colwyn Bay, said the council has a responsibility to stop blogging. He said: “It has been banned for staff and therefore it should be banned for councillors. It hasn’t really affected me. Looking at blogs is not really part of my job role. I serve my community and so don’t have time to blog.”

Admittedly, I’m talking from a blogger’s perspective, but by goodness I think this is shortsighted on the council’s view. It makes the whole organization at the council from my perspective seem rather inaccessible, particularly to younger people. Also, in a summer where elected representatives have been taking a bit of a battering, this gives the impression that the council don’t want us to know about what they’re doing.

I can understand the logic behind banning people from Facebook (we’re not in our workplace, but none of us go on Facebook anyway, we don’t have time!), but banning councillors and staff from an important means of communication, particularly one where there are large number of local bloggers (myself included, even though there are more political blogs out there that are better than mine), particularly one where the average age of bloggers is quite low (councillors I believe is very poor at listening to the younger generation). These people are not going to be heard as effectively as they used to.

Blogging isn’t now about sharing what you had for breakfast, or which member of Westlife is hot, it’s about promoting real discussion on real issues & offering people a chance to voice their opinions.

Blogging has grown up, it’s time Conwy Council does the same.


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