I had another wrestling show this weekend gone, this one was a bit closer to home, in the Acton Community Centre, Wrexham. A show location that you can see at the banner rotation at the top of the screen (yes the one with the terrible curtains).

One thing that didn’t go well the last time was there was that I froze on the microphone, which ruined the show in my eyes. Last night, no such problems and I had a lot more to do than the previous shows. Nevertheless, I felt I coped well (if not brilliantly), and it was good seeing the other guys as well.

There were a couple of injuries, and my leg is rather sore as I write this with brusing where one of the fans kicked (yes kicked) me, but other than that, it was a great show, and hopefully we’ll go back to Wrexham again!

Anyway, as pictures tell the story of 1000 words, here’s some photos from the show, curteosy of ace photographer Helen Sheridan.

And here’s a great video from the show:-

YouTube Preview Image

Anyway, finally, this week was twinged with sadness for many of the guys I know, the sad passing of Orig Williams, a guy a lot of the people in the photos was trained by, he will be sadly missed.

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