If you are not actively pursuing affiliate marketing or advertising, one way to make money on your blog is by asking for donations. It’s most useful if you give something back rather than  just go to people cap in hand, and it won’t work for everybody, but a few people have asked how I have created my Donation Page, so here’s how!

Create a WordPress Page on why People Should Donate

Far better than just putting a button on your sidebar, is to create a donation page. A number of reasons for this, the first one is because by having a Donation’s page you can explain why you are asking for donations, and why you should donate (mine doesn’t really, not yet anyway), but the other reasons is that if you don’t want to shove it down your regular readers’ throats your donation solicitations, you can push for it elsewhere. For example, on my wordpress plugins that are listed in the WordPress Plugins Directory, it allows you to specify a direct link to your Donation page. That reason alone is why it’s up there.

Anyway, to create a page, in the administration section of wordpress, click on “Pages > Add New”. From there, you should get a new page, call it something like “Donations”, add a few lines of text on why people should donate, and click on “Update Post”.

Be sure to switch off comments & discussion on the page as well, and note down the URL for future reference.

Get Your Paypal Button

Now to put the code into the page. Visit Paypal.com and login to your Paypal account. Click on “Merchant Services”, then “Website Payments” and it should take you to a range of buttons. It should look something like this:-


The button you want is the Donate Button. Go through the options for styling the buttons, and you get a small amount of HTML code to paste into your site.

Add The Code To The Page

Go back to your wordpress page and add the code to the page. Make sure you’re in HTML mode, rather than Visual mode. Select HTML and copy & paste in the code where you want it to go. Publish the page and you’re all ready to take donations!

How to get more Donations

Well that’s upto you! It’s really not for everybody – even I’m debating taking off the link from the navigation (though leaving it for WordPress.org users) – but some people have really done well from it. Jason Kottke gave all his content away for free, before asking for donations. I’m not condoning that route, but if you want to make a page, you now know how!

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