Today sees the launch of InComment, a comment referrer plugin for WordPress. Basically this plugin will simply tell you where your commenter originated from on the world wide web, on the comment email (see the image below):-


Why would you use it? Well if you are anything like me, who joined the Do Follow Bandwagon a few years ago, you’ll know that your blog gets passed around on forums, spammy blog posts & all sorts of other media, which isn’t good, as you will get commenters commenting on your site from these horrible sources. These comments are rarely relevant, short, and with spammy names. They just waste your time.

However, it can be tricky to work out where these comments come from, not any more withInComment, which will tell you the URL of the site the commenter reached your site with.

Of course, you don’t have to use it for comment spam prevention, you can use it to also use it to track he results of advertising, or you are just curious. This plugin would be good for you.

Full instructions on how to install are on the InComment page, or instead you can just download here:-


Finally, this plugin was inspired by Donncha O Caoimh‘s plugin “Comment Referrers“, which is similar but is different (mine uses cookies to track people, his uses the previous page URL).

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