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Quick answer – not me.

I read a fascinating blog post on Problogger, where he affiliately bitch slapped (in the nicest possible way) a – sorry – another “Buy this product and I’ll show you how to make money easily blogging” product. In the long run, the long and windy road less travelled is always the better route.

He argued successfully that blogging isn’t always about making money, but actually having fun along the way. About the programme (which is $67 a month), Darren states this:-

“If your dream is to build something that grows your profile as someone with authority in your niche, or to land a job or book deal, or to get invited to speak at an industry event, or to be quoted in mainstream media about your topic, or it’s just to build a blog that has loyal readers who keep coming back because you’re helping them…. then perhaps this isn’t the type of blogging model for you.”

That’s it when it comes to blogging. Blogging to make money is actually quite dull. Hell, why have so many “Make Money Online” bloggers have fallen to the wayside? The persuit of cold, hard cash – whilst profitable – isn’t the best course of action amongst your common man. Look at supremely wealthy investors based in cities. Yes they’re loaded, but the general concensous amongst people are that they’re hated as a group. To quote Frank Turner: “I’ve got friends who are bankers, and it’s an easy rhyme to call them wankers”.

Blogging is bloody hard work. Maintaining a blog is hard work, promoting a blog is hard work. However it can be rewarding. Blogging hasn’t bought me – after 7 years – a full time sustainable income yet. However, in the past 7 years I have gained the following from blogging:-

  • A full time job as a web marketer.
  • A part time job traveling the country working with a British Wrestling company.
  • Beer money.
  • Weekends away being wined & dined in London.
  • A girlfriend for six months.
  • Mentioned in the Guardian, Twice
  • Two Interviews on BBC Radio Wales.
  • A column in The North Wales Weekly News.
  • Video Games.
  • Professional connections.
  • People in strange cities to go with for pints.
  • And – dare I say it – Friends.

The above list are things that I’ve gained from blogging. Personal gains. All of which I’d say are things that money can’t buy.

But I’m Lazy, I Want To Earn Money Sitting On My Arse, Can You Help Me?

I will say there are ways to achieve at least some money per month without doing sod all. In fact, I have 3 sites that have done it. I will show one site in a later month that:-

  • Makes me mid $XX a month figures without me putting any time/money on it.
  • Is well liked & respected by Google.
  • Emerged from a graveyard of sites that have tried & failed.

Okay, not a million like some programmes promise (it’s actually the lowest earner of all the sites I’ve produced), and there have been many failures along the way, but it is probably more than people’d ever earn from these programmes. I’ll show you how – for free – in a later post.


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