Twitter is a great place to hang out, network & promote your blog, but like any successful service, it can be prone to bots. Rather, it is prone to automated twitter accounts posting spam.

Spam is bad, but automated twitter accounts aren’t necessarily. A number of great twitter accounts (such as the National Rail Enquries Twitter Account) are automated, as there isn’t a need for it to be anything but – why create work for yourself? I propose that you create a twitter account purely for your blog posts. Why? Well, a number of reasons.

  • It secures your brand - If your blog takes off, people will snap up Twitter usernames associated with it. Capture them first before they do.
  • It allows you to promote your post twice without pissing people off - Your main twitter account (the one you network with) can retweet your automated twitter account, rather than you retweeting yourself. It does look a little better, plus you promote both your post and your twitter account.
  • It disassociates you from your blog (in a good way) - Whilst you will be the person behind the blog, it’ll help build the brand around your blog. If you ever sell your blog or move on, you can give a twitter account away, so the blog will continue to be successful even without you.

So, how do you create a useful twitter account for automated posting of your blog? Here’s what you need to do:-

1. Sign Up For a Twitter Account

First off, get a twitter account. You can sign up here. Note down the username & password – you’ll need it for the next step.

2. Download Twitter Tools Plugin for WordPress

We will use a plugin called Twitter Tools by Alex King for this tutorial. Download & Install it using your chosen method of installing wordpress plugins.

3. Set Up Twitter Tools

To set up Twitter Tools, click on Twitter Tools under the settings menu in the wp-admin. A screen like this should appear:-


Insert your Twitter Username & Password into the boxes & test the login. Make sure you switch the “Create a Tweet When You Post” & Default to Yes, and the Tweet prefix to what you want. Make sure other options are switched off – you don’t want the creation of blog post of your tweets. Save, post & check your twitter accounts.

4. Integrate your Favourite URL shortener to Twitter Tools (Optional)

A number of popular URL shorteners can be integrated with twitter tools. I can’t go through the setting up of these – most use an API key which can be gained from your account on your URL shortener. Here’s some of them at least.

Try it yourself! Set up a Twitter account purely for your blog. Here’s mine you can follow for my blog – @gospelrhys. What’s yours?


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