Incase you have been living under a snow covered rock for the past few days, you would know that most of the UK has seen incredibly wintery weather, where large swathes of the British Isles have been covered in snow, making things tricky, bordering on impossible.

It’s got so bad that grit is largely all gone, people have been working from home, and schools have shut for a few days.

The BBC in the UK does have a list of schools that are shut – split into areas, for example this is the list of schools that were shut on Wednesday. I didn’t know about until Becky Williams tweeted it. I then immediately retweeted it, as even though I didn’t have kids, one of my followers (a lot of whom are from North Wales) could have & have found it useful, so I did feel it was the right thing to do, even if I wasn’t directly involved.

This got me thinking – by and large as social networkers/marketers/users/whatever (Becky incidentally isn’t really a “social marketer”, just a local user of Twitter), do we have influence? If so, do we have any responsibility in tweeting local events & news, knowing full well interested parties could read them?

A lot has been made on the power of social networking sites such as Twitter (for example the Iranian Elections) & Facebook (for example Rage Against The Machine being Christmas #1), but often these are large movements. Stepping away fromĀ The Wisdom of Crowdsmentality for a bit, do so called “power users” have a responsibility to tweet or share vital information that could help people in their community?

Maybe not, but maybe most people have a conscience in helping, in whatever way they can. It’s the same reason some people jump out of planes, or bathe in baked beans do so because they feel like helping somebody. I feel that social media gurus (both proper & fake ones) should do whatever they feel is right, whether that’s being like Lyndon Antcliff and offering Free Social Media Advice for Cornwall Politicians, tweeting about shut schools or warning your mates about the latest scam on Facebook.

Of course, everybody’s answer to “what’s right” varies from person to person, but in my eyes, the possibility of not putting the family through a unnesseccary struggle to get to school is worth 140 characters.

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