January 11th, 2010
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My Goals For 2010


Last year was quite a year for the blog started off without direction but towards the end it became more and more focused on WordPress & tutorials, as well as my opinions on things. This is great, as I look back in my archives, and a lot of the blog posts from earlier this year aren’t worth reading! It made my roundup of 2009 post very very difficult!

However, from there, I’ve grown into some mighty fine posts, networked with some mighty fine people, and also become more happier with the work I’ve put in. With that said, I’ve decided after reading Erica Mueller’s blog to do a bunch of goals for 2010, both in terms of this blog & my personal life. Here they are.

Blogging Goals for 2010

Release A Product

My programming’s getting better, and whilst I don’t think I can justify releasing an ebook (my writing skills aren’t that great, and I feel I’d just be repeating myself), I do want to have a go at releasing a paid WordPress plugin. It’s already in the works, and about 30-40% complete. When it’s done, you’ll be the first to know.

The goal is to get it finished & out the door this year. Sounds like an easy job but trust me, I’m a procrastinator so I’m not sure if it’s possible. I’ll try though!

Go To A Blogging Conference

I’ve only in 8 years been to one sort of “conference” (it was a trip down the pub), a North West Bloggers Meet in Chester. It was good fun, but I don’t think any of the bloggers there are actually still blogging. Apart from this, I’ve only ever met two bloggers, one of which has stopped blogging (though we’ve kept in touch), the other is blogging very erratically (yes Han, I’m looking at you).

I’d love to meet some more bloggers, people who don’t sneer when I talk about RSS feeds, and generally the best place to meet them is at conferences. Wordcamp seems quite good fun, so I may go there. Or I may organise an informal official “The Gospel According To Rhys Alcohol Fuelled Shindig” somewhere. By organise, I mean I’ll be in the pub somewhere, find me.

Either way, I’d love to meet more of you, my one hundred million readers.

Guest Post More

I’ve done one guest post over at Twitip entitled “8 Characters To Make Your Tweets Sparkle“, and it did lead to a few enquiries for more guest posts. One of which I’ve acted on. This is something I’ll like to do more, particularly with promoting a product.

Likewise I’d like to get some guest posters in for this site. I know my name’s in the title, but I’d like people to guest post now & again. If my readers are dead against it though then I wouldn’t allow guest posters. What do you guys think?

Personal Goals for 2010

Travel More

Travel dropped off a little bit over the course of the year, with good reason. Thailand, Japan & South Korea was an expensive jaunt, and by the time I paid it all off, I had to start thinking about Christmas. The distinct lack of traveling wasn’t fun, so I’m looking to go away more. Ireland is closer to me than London, so that may happen. China looks like it’s cheap but getting more expensive. Eastern Europe could be fun. Ryanair have started flights to Morocco. Or I could try and get away further, who knows? All I know is I want to get away more than the 10 days I did this year (I managed 16 in 2008).

Move Out

Bit of a secret here. You see, like a third of British men under the age of 30, I still live with my parents. This has all sorts of ramifications, some good, some bad. Either way, as much as I love them, I need my own space. When things have settled down after the new year, I’ll be looking for rental accommodation, and finally get a bit of responsibility. That’s the hope at least. It depends how much Personal Goal #1 takes off before I look at Personal Goal #2.

Anyway those are my goals, what are yours? Share them in the comments!

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