OIOpublisher With the popularity of WordPress, it stands to reason that plugins are often duplicated, functionalities are copied & ideas are swapped. You only need to look at how many plugins integrate social media buttons in the WordPress Plugin Repository to see how functionality is repeated.

One such area of plugins is ad management, with thousands of ad manager plugins available. Whilst I had one installed for the age longest time (Ad Rotator), it wasn’t perfect, requiring constant setup & maintenance. With the relaunch of this site in July, I wanted something that offered me plenty of functionality, but little or no maintenance.

Asking around, I was recommended OIO Publisher, a premium wordpress plugin.

OIO Publisher is a wordpress plugin that allows you to set up zones of advertising on your blog. These areas can then be sold independently of each other or in groups. Adverts can be targeted also on a per page or by a per IP address basis (which is stupidly complicated, something which I’ve not yet needed, but it’s there).

One thing that annoyed me with Ad Rotator was just the lack of automation, it annoyed both myself & one of my advertisers when I was away for an extended period & the advertiser couldn’t get the advertising live on the site. Not such a problem with this, from an advertisers perspective they click on the “Advertise Now” link, fill in details, upload a banner, pay with paypal and that’s it. The blog owner approves it from the wordpress dashboard, the advert then goes live for the length of time specified by the advertiser.

The advertiser can also set up a subscription, so that they’ll get the advert automatically renewed at the current rate – this is something which is great, as very few “free” add ons out there that manage this. If they’re not subscribed, then they¬† get a warning email that there advert is expiring – in fact emails are sent out quite a lot for this, making sure you don’t miss anything. If they choose not to subscribe then the advert is removed.

Being the site owner, you can also add your own adverts for a period of time (good for contests or banner exchange), as well as set up default advertisers should nothing be sold. Furthermore, the amount of different types of ad creatives you can have is huge – you can even manage paid posts & text links through this, and because you are separate from any advert network, you keep 100% of the income.

Purchasing the plugin also gives you access to the OIO Publisher marketplace, allowing you to list your blog as accepting advertising. This again is a nice feature, allowing you to sell advertising to companies that wouldn’t have seen your blog otherwise. The plugin author has stated he’s building up a network of advertisers for this marketplace, and there’s not much activity. Nevertheless, from that site alone, I’ve paid for the plugin a few times over.

It’s not perfect, one problem I have found is that have problems setting up advertisers for times not specified by the site owner (I’ve 1 & 4 week plans, I wanted to give a contest winner a prize of 8 weeks, and I’ve been unable to), and the default banner for “Advertise Here” is ugly, very ugly (it’s a text link), but other than that it’s a great plugin, as well as an ad server – you can use the plugin from within wordpress on Non WordPress sites, and affiliate manager (you could earn money selling my ad space, but I’ve not set that up yet!).

OIO Publisher is available for $47, however if you use the coupon code given to you on any of the links on this post, you can get a discount of between $5-$15. I would thoroughly recommend it to manage your site’s advertising revenue. To purchase, please click the banner below.


(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links)

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