I never expected to win. Really I didn’t.

Jordan Cooper ran a competition on his (hilarious) Not A Pro Blog blog, the competition was “Regift & Win $500“, where to win you had to come up with the best joke relating to technology. Mine was simple, really unfunny, yet I won.

The prize – 2 Months Paid Subscription to Problogger.com forums. A prize that was won by Jordan on a competition on Erica Mueller’s blog. As well as an hour’s comedy coaching with Jordan. However, if I was to regift it, I could win $500.

So here we are, a Gospel According To Rhys Competition!


The rules are simple – simply write a comment below to enter. You get 5 further entries if you are a registered member the Gospel According To Rhys Newsletter. However, the comment must be an answer to this question:-

“What has been the worst gift you’ve ever given or received?”

The winners will be announced on my Birthday post (March 4th) in a contest organised by random.org.

The Prizes

The prizes for this contest are long & numerous:-

The Regift Element

With a massive disregard of duplicate content rules, I’ve copied this verbatim from Not a Pro Blog’s original post:-

Now, this is where the fun stuff starts happening. The contest isn’t over yet. The person that wins the above joke contest has a choice of two options:

1. Accept the prize of two months paid membership at the ProBlogger forums.
Regift the prize in their own blog contest and get entered into a drawing for $500 cash.

What’s the catch, you might ask? Well, here are the ground rules if you choose #2.

  • You must regift the prize on your own blog within two weeks of winning.
  • The winner of your contest must be given the same choice: Accept or Regift.
  • That blogger must continue under these same guidelines as laid out here.

Every regifted prize winner will get one entry into a random drawing for $500 cash.
If the “chain” is broken and anyone accepts the prize outright without regifting it…
The contest is over and no one wins anything!

I will be keeping track of the prize transfers from blog to blog on the bottom of this page.
Everyone can then “play along from home” and see what happens in the course of this year.

This process of regifting will continue until December 17, 2010 (which just happens to be National Regifting Day) where all the bloggers who have participated in the regifting will have their names put into a bucket. The $500 winner will be chosen at random live on UStream that day by yours truly.

Suggested protocols for regifting participants:

On your blog contest, please include a link to this post so others entering will know the rules.

Also, please include a link of the blog you received the prize to regift. (if possible, all of them!)

Support all blogs this prize appears on. Remember, if they don’t regift it, you lose out!


Both my prize & Jordan’s Prize can be accepted or regifted if you want, it’s only the membership prize that you must regift to keep the $500 prize going.

Good luck! Any questions please leave a comment below.

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