March 4th, 2010
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Happy Birthday To Me!


If I was one of those marketers with huge sales pages, highlighted text and testimonials which you couldn’t trust as far as you could kick em, I’d use a phrase such as “It’s my birthday, and I’m giving the way the presents!”. I’m not though. Instead I’ll just announce the winner of The Gospel According To Rhys Regifting Competition.

After drawing the result at random the winner is…Mike CJ of Mike’s Life!

Justifiably so though, as his story was quite frankly worthy.

“I was working with a car manufacturer at the time, and a supplier decided to give me a fresh turkey on Christmas. (No longer ethical, but in those days a common and accepted practice).

As my car was being cleaned at the time, and I didn’t want the turkey sitting in the office, I got someone to put it in the boot for me.

Later that day, the first version of a top secret new model arrived, and I got the OK to take it home for the Christmas break and check it out. I made sure my own car was safely locked in the secure garage, put the keys in my pocket and headed to my new ride.

In my excitement at the new car, I forgot all about my turkey, and when I came back from a ten day holiday, I was met by a security guy at the car park entrance.

Apparently, he had been alerted to by a foul smell coming from the boot of my car between Christmas and new year, and investigated.

He found blood dripping from the boot floor and immediately called the police.

The parking area was immediately turned into a crime scene and taped off, while forensic specialists were called to get access to the car.

Not wishing to contaminate the boot area, they entered the car by breaking a front side window, then spent some time removing the rear seats to gain access to the boot that way.

When they found the turkey, they weren’t impressed.

It was the worst gift I have ever been given.”

So congratulations Mike, I’ll drop you an email with what you want to do with the prizes, which are:-

Prizes from myself & Jordan can be kept or regifted, but to enter Jordan’s competition to win $500, you must regift the prize from Erica Mueller.

Thank you for everybody who entered!

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