Daffodil for St David's day.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ray52

Happy St David’s Day everybody! Today it is the national day of Wales. Which means that us Welshies are being proud & wearing Daffodils, eating Leeks & drinking Brains SA Gold.

Fact is, Wales is horrendously short of spammers, so if you want to be a “Black Hat” (or “het ddu”) Search Engine Optimizer (Chwilia Beiriant optimeiddio), taking advantage of some huge markets in Wales, here are some highly profitable keywords that you can effectively spam Welsh Speakers to make a fortune, and retire tomorrow:-

  • Acai Berry – Aeron Acai
  • Lose twenty kilograms in six weeks – colli ugain cilogram mewn chwe wythnos
  • Teeth Whiten – Dannedd Gwyn
  • Cheap Payday Loans – dalu benthyciadau rhad diwrnod
  • online casino with two hundred pound bonus – casino ar-lein gyda dau gant bunt bonws
  • Make Money Online – gwneud arian ar-lein
  • Adult videos & dating – fideos oedolion a dyddio
  • Viagra – Tabledi glas sy’n gwneud eich pidyn caled

Happy St David’s Day people!

Disclaimer – My Welsh is okay, but not great, and some of these were created using Google Translate, so they’re possibly a bit wrong. Feel free to put me in my place in the comment box – Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus!

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