“Urgh!” was all I could manage on the phone at half past midnight on a Friday night. I had started drinking a little earlier than usual, so in the end I made myself tired and thought it was time for bed, it was, clearly. Though my rather spritely brother didn’t think so, he respected my decision, and he said “I’ll phone you back in the morning.”.

No use, I was awake, and my phone was on, so I did any Web 2.0 geek would do, update my twitter feed with the recent events.

Surprisingly, the brother responded, though in a less than meaningful fashion, suggested he too was inhebriated by the dizzy water.

I only know Rick follows me because I got an email informing so, he rarely posts, never broadcasts and has a basic knowledge of hashtags. He’s not alone, in terms of twitter, he’s in the majority, 90% of tweets is produced by 10% of users.

So why does he have an account? Simple, to follow people. His follower list is pretty much in tune with his interests (if I was writing a twitter guide for a social media business blog, I’d use a phrase such as “connecting with authoritative figures within his niche”), but whilst my list is often updated with conversations with people I like conversing with such as Peter Handley, Nichola Stott, Carly Wood, Jordan Cooper & “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. He just watches & occasionally says something. Often to me, sometimes to a celebrity or other “industry leader”.

Nevertheless, he’s achieved something that has been written about on some top industry blogs, he’s achieved a linkback to his twitter account from the BBC (which incidentally doesn’t look like it brings in followers). Not through being spammy or annoying, just by contributing every now and again (for those wanting to achieve a similar thing, best sport to go for is cricket, goes on for days, not many cricket fans on Twitter).

Of course, I want him to post more, but he uses it as an emergency line to me, like I’m the President of the USA & he’s Arnold Schwartzenegger. He understands twitter, but he doesn’t like making noise for the sake of making noise.

And I think I speak for all of us and say that’s a lesson we can all learn from him.

Does anybody else have friends with no posts on Twitter?

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