I rarely post blog posts where I say you must do something. I rarely post kiss arse blog posts, but if ever there is a blog you need to follow, and likely you don’t, then by god, you need to follow Jemjabella, who recently celebrated her 8th Blog Birthday, as well as 1000 posts.

I had first came into contact with Jem – the blogger behind Jemjabella – in the dim & distant days of Han, I remember reading this blog that – quite frankly – were head and shoulders above every other blog on her RSS feed (and yes, I’m even talking about my own). Her writing style had that brilliant style, the same way that Lionel Messi has a twinge of arrogance when he scores. Yes, she did regularly bitchslap people, however she was write, and they often deserved it.

You see, even as a woman (I say in jest), she is remarkably brilliant at anything that’s connected to the internet (besides her Modern Warfare 2 skills, which remain untested), even still today I use her Top Five SEO Tips & PHP Security Tips as a basis to begin either my PHP or Optimization work – and even today she has a catagory page on her blog that has had 18,000 hits on Stumbleupon. A catagory page. Furthermore, you know that list that Lisa Barone said that were 5 things that were killing your blog? Jem were doing them before they were cool.

Unlike other bloggers who are considered gurus, she is not such a thing. She doesn’t make much money blogging – because she chooses not to. When John Chow was selling Page Rank 6 links for $200 a month, she gave them away for free, not whoring herself out. In fact, she doesn’t whore herself out at all, people follow her because she’s awesome – and even today even she walked passed me in the street & slapped me, I still wouldn’t have a clue what she is, she remains hidden, hiding behind a familiar avatar you see on this post. Her readers are awesome as well & network themselves, in fact I met Mel & Carly through her blog.

So yes you probably don’t have her on her RSS feed, but yes you should also add her right now. At the moment she doesn’t blog about much bar baby vomit & gardening, any post that is even remotely geeky will be 10 times better than the best thing you’ll read that day.

Happy blog day Jem, here’s to you!

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