Do You Foursquare?

For the uninitiated, foursquare is an app for the iPhone & other GPS enabled phones which allow you to tag places you have been in the past to mark that you are there. This data can be posted to your Twitter feed or Facebook account to share with your friends. The challenge is to become “mayors” of places, which earn you more points & you go up the leaderboard, which is reset every Monday.

Although the game itself isn’t particularly fun nor challenging – it survives because it’s competition between friends – it does pave the first stone in what I believe could be the future of gaming – Augumented Reality Games.

AR Games are where you yourself are in the game & your surroundings are your “levels”. Foursquare is one because using your GPS on your phone you pinpoint where you are & check in. I mean, it can be taken one step further with some sort of Monopoly element whereby you buy & sell locations, but with GPS’s, 3G & Cameras on most modern handsets, I can really see them being the games of the future. What do you think?

In the meantime, if you are on foursquare, why not add me: Rhys Wynne on Foursquare.

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