I am delighted to announce the latest version of InComment!

InComment for WordPress

The previous version had a small issue whereby it wouldn’t work on non-www versions of the site, this has now been fixed.

For the unaware, InComment is a plugin designed to help you identify comment spammers, by adding a “referrer” field to the comment form. This is then added to the email sent to you when a comment is made or moderated.

The purpose for this is you find true intentions of commenters & spot odd comment spam. If they are from a “spam this list”, or they are searching for words such as “WordPress+Leave A Comment+[Your Niche]“, then you know they’re a comment spammer looking to get a cheap SEO link.

There are some limitations, it is incompatible with Disqus, but check out Erica Says’s post on a self hosted alternative to Disqus.

To download it click on the link below.


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