I guess I should officially share the world’s worst kept secret with you all.

The reason for my erratic postings & being all over the place is that – after 4 years of working in North Wales, I’m moving on and moving to Manchester, starting a new job on Tuesday.

Yes, in what was being a big year for change of me, with a few ideas swimming around my head (travelling, settling down in North Wales), I decided, after attending my first #mancseo meeting, that I kinda needed to be in somewhere with a bit more life, to prove myself a little more, and to actually get out from the rents house and live, as opposed to merely exist.

It’s a huge step for me, and I’d like to thank Livetech for the last four years. I arrived after a horrible episode where I was convinced I was going to die. Seriously. I had recovered from a bout of premature aortal fibulation – an irregular heart beat. It was due to stress, drinking too much and not getting much sleep, as well as being surprising common for younguns, but you have no idea how much that it scared the shit out of me.

In the end I got over it after a two week break, landed a trainee position in a local North Wales Web Design firm & it grew to a full time position in SEO. Pretty much the only North Wales company that actually does it. In any respect, I have seen so many aspects of the business and worked with so many talented people, it was a difficult decision to leave, but I feel that now is the right time. They’ll go on to strength to strength, and I want to thank them for everything they did.

Living in North Wales, can be tough if you’re young. You see, a large proportion of the population is a little old, and a proportion of the young population aren’t people I particualrly people I want to hang around with. So I rediscovered my love for Colwyn Bay Football Club, and now a regular there with good people and great friends. I even did my bit for a year, writing a share of the programme, but even then that was too much work for me. How people manage to hold full time jobs & still do hours a day for Colwyn Bay is incredible. The work is paying off as we have a playoff final on Saturday in Lancaster against Lancaster City. So thanks to Colwyn Bay for being one half of my social life.

The other half is Britannia Wrestling, something I fell into purely by chance. I met Simon through Retro Gamer forums, when I was pushing my Retro Garden website, we got talking & asked me to attend a show, I did, where I said I was a web developer, and generally helped push the website. They also started training me, as they were short a referee. As time went on I became more integrated with the shows, and became a dispicable manager (of champions, nonetheless). I retired Simon. And for the past few weeks, as well as moving to Manchester I have been training for a match.

The match is at BWP Extravaganza, in Llandudno (effectively my home town), in a “loser leaves town” tag match. I am nervous, yet really excited. Wish me luck!

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