Being a blogger, I often receive press releases & enquiries on various products & services that people offer. It’s part & parcel about being a blogger, but whilst some people get it right, other people get it seriously wrong. I’m usually not very receptive on this blog, but on some of my other blogs I am very receptive. It’s content, and can lead to cash & free stuff. We’re not ogres, but you need to do it right.

In the last week, I have received two press releases from the same company, one I responded to, one I didn’t. See if you can guess which one I responded (name & details have been changed, as I do know the company & I’d like to work with them).

First Enquiry

My name is Andy Jones and I am responsible for PR for the Football History Football, the UK’s only football museum. We have a large collection of non-league memorabilia, and next month are holding a unique event to mark the world cup.

Do you have an email address so that I can forward you a press release nearer the time? Also, would it be possible to re-distribute our press release to other contacts you may have in the football blogosphere?

Kind Regards,

Andy Jones

Second Enquiry

Hi, could I have your email address to forward press releases to please.

Many thanks

Jason Roberts

The Obvious Answer – But Why?

I did respond to the first one, it’s easy to see why, but often I receive many equiries similar to Jason Roberts’. Here’s why Jason’s didn’t get a response, why Andy did, and what you can take away from it.

Explain What You’re Doing With My Email Address

Email Addresses are one step below my phone number in terms of communication, which means I don’t give my phone number out, not my email address, willy nilly. Jason’s email demanded that I give him my email address, and I thought it was rude. Sure he explained it, but he felt like it was essential that I give him my email address. Sure enough, it wasn’t.

Andy on the other hand asked for my email address, furthermore he explained first of all why he was writing. Finally, something I quite liked, was the phrase “a press release”. It makes it sound like it’s a one off about the World Cup Exhibition. Jason said “press releases”, which is a) more than 1 and b) may not be related to what he was offering.

Explain How It Relates To Me & My Readers

I am stupidly protective of my readers, and I don’t advertise or plug things willy nilly, oh no. I usually share things with them that either I find interesting or useful, and spending time on my blog you will know what I find interesting or useful.

Of course, you don’t have to be a regular reader to respond, in fact neither Andy nor Jason were – a simple 2 keyword Google search & I’m on page 1 for the niched phrase – but in searching & then submitting an enquiry for my email address, you are giving me a decision. You need to convince me why I should plug your wares to my readers. A simple one line enquiry doesn’t work.

The X Factor

Sometimes, some other things work. I am more likely to give reviews for things, so free products will help your cause (what can I say? I’m materialistic). I did meet “Andy Jones” at a “football festival” a few years back so familiar faces do help, although occassionally you could catch a blogger on a good day, that helps. But be humble, be open, be friendly, and you’ll find we don’t bite.

Over To You!

Have you got any would be tips? What has been the worst bit of PR spam you’ve ever received?

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