I’ve talked before about the responsibilities of ethical social media marketers, that often their responsibilites as they have connections is also to connect people, for nothing, in difficult times. However, part of me this week (and I’m not a guru with huge contacts) thought about attacking less than wholesome marketers.

It’s something that myself as an SEO’er hear about on a daily basis – snake oil salesmen telephoning clients with promises that simply are impossible to meet – hell there’s a great blog, SEO Bullshit, dedicated to the crap some of us hear run by some great people. All we can do in our day job is educate people, be honest and hope clients trust us. They usually do, which is a great thing.

Anyway, personally I took it upon myself to carry out a one person crusade against something I’ve been seeing more and more on Facebook – fan page scams.

It was something that started innocently enough – if a little annoying. Certain of my friends began joining facebook page after facebook page of the most banal things, such as “Join if You Would Like These Stairs In Your House”. Pointless and annoying, but then they probably think that my posts are as well.

However, recently, something more deceitful has been popping up, with the use of FBML to create a static page with a “Become a Fan” button upon it. This button is a link to a spammy page, with all sorts of crap on it to catch out or entice users (Jem explains this a lot better than I do). Like this:-

As somebody who ranks highly for My FBML Guide, I feel a little responsible, so I created this, which when you clicked on “become a fan”, you reach this page.

Okay, hasn’t done much, but by goodness if it stops one person getting scammed then that’s a great thing.

It appears that I’m not the only one, and other people have joined this crusade against scammers, Bypass Fan Pages is one of them, that tells you exactly what’s behind fan pages without making them join. Sure they have some sort of CPM ads on there, but I’d rather that make money from doing relative good (they do link to files that you are asked to download, but puts huge warnings beside them), than scammers.

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