It’s taken four years, but Twitter has finally figured out how to make money – paid ads, according to Advertising Age (link via @katiemoffat)

“Twitter is expected an answer to both questions [on how to make money] on Tuesday in the form of “promoted tweets,” which will put ads on Twitter, first in search results and later in user feeds both on and the myriad third-party clients that access the service, such as TweetDeck, twhirl, TwitterBerry and Tweetie, the last of which was just acquired by Twitter last week.”

A few thoughts on it, first it seems to say that there are a bunch of searches on, enough to justify putting ads on them.

The thing I’m a bit concerned with is “feeds”. I use search feeds for UKSEOHere. Will adverts be added to my search result feeds? If so, it could be a little annoying, particularly if I can’t have a say. Will there be a revenue sharing scheme? If so, how would that work? Likewise, if there’s some sort of twitter porn application, would big brands like to be associated with this?

However one thing I do like is the list of brands that are signing up. Starbucks, Virgin Atlantic & Bravo have already signed up, it’s quite a good thing for Twitter, as with new digital advertising platforms (including Google Adsense & Facebook), it started with low end & low cost advertisers before expanding into the higher end advertisers. It sets an achor value (read this great article on Anchors at, almost saying it’s more valuable advertising on it than Facebook & Google.

Still, it’s nice and reassuring for all the Twitter marketers & doomsaysers out there who thought Twitter was unsustainable (newsflash, I think it was, there’s too many people using it).

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