If you listen to Radio 1 (which I now do being the radio station of choice on the wireless in work), or you have friends from North Wales you will have no doubt picked up on the fact that One Big Weekend is this weekend. Two days of live music and acts in Bangor, North Wales. Friends of mine are going crazy, promoting the concert on facebook with publicity you can’t buy, but outside of my North Walian Facebook & Twitter friends not much have been said (except for me shouting expletives to the radio every time their ads & stereotypical Welshness has come on & how their catchment area for tickets benefits tax dodging students rather than actual local people).

Anyway, bar that, one of the most incredible things to come from the promotion has been this parody song of probably one of my favourite songs at the moment – “Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down”:-

YouTube Preview Image

This has pretty much been tweeted & facebooked by everybody from North Wales (myself included), but outside of North Wales, not a sausage. I guess it doesn’t resonate with them.

I’m not a viral marketer, but I do know how this works – because it mentions things that resonate with so many people (which are the towns of North Wales). We have a phrase in wrestling – cheap heat. It’s when you deliberately praise or deride the local town – Mick Foley was an expert in it. Hell I’ve done it before now & it worked. You’re more likely to connect with people.

Okay, on the flipside you sacrifice a lot of your audience who you won’t connect with, but with an area such the size of North Wales (around 250,000 people), connecting with enough of them and you should get – say – 50,000 views of a video on Youtube, which as Jordan Cooper found out & reported to on Problogger, is more than Mashable send you.


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