It amazes me the power of social networking and media at a time, and whilst everybody hears about cats in bins or snow, there are a lot of other ways in which people are gathering around each other to help causes.

Of course, if there’s a cause you want to start, the barrier of entry is lower, with often a well constructed hashtag and a few select followers getting behind it and boom – you’ve got a phenomenon on your hands.

One such tweet is a cause close to my heart – #nonleagueday.

Non League Day is on 4th September 2010. Which is the first Saturday of the first international break in the football season. With the league’s top flights taking a week off to spank Estonia or whatever, Non League is encouraging you to attend a lower league game.

Why? Well a number of reasons:-

  • Much Needed Money - A lot of these clubs are owned not by Russian Ogliarchs or Middle Eastern Oil Millionaires, they’re owned often by fans, or local businessmen, or a combination of both. They are often run by volunteers. Money is tight with these clubs. So your £5-10 on the door (along with £10-20 spend in the club, at stupidly reasonable prices, more on that later) can help pay a player’s wages for a week.
  • Much Needed Exposure - Your local club, beyond the odd  appearance on the back page and a whimsical look at it on Football Focus when they go far in the FA once every 20 years, gets sod all coverage off their own back. Often through community initiatives or just giving free tickets to local schools. Causes like this help improve the exposure of the club in the local area, so get you & your friends involved!
  • You Will Enjoy It - I love live football. I’ve been trying to do the 92 as well as see as many games as possible. Compared to on the box, which I struggle to watch sober, live football is an enthralling experience, and probably the best view of British Male culture you can get, and if you think footballers are overpaid prima donnas, you’d be pleasantly surprised by non-league football.

There’s a map on the Non League Day site of games that are on, if you’re short of things to do, I’d recommend taking in a game. You will enjoy it!

Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the Colwyn Bay vs. Hucknall Town game, as I will be attending Think Visibility (more on that next week!), but I’m attending Colwyn Bay vs. Bradford Park Avenue this weekend to make up for it.

If you do attend a game, do please let me know!


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