This weekend, the Ryder Cup – a golf competition between Europe & the United States – will take place at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.

Now, excuse the distinct lack intelligence¬† by the organisers playing a golf tournament in Wales in the first weekend of October, the Ryder Cup is an enormous sense of pride for Wales as it’s the first time it’s been held in Wales – and there are some challenging holes on that course (if my Tiger Woods 2011 game is anything to go by, at least).

Speaking of Tiger Woods, his wildcard inclusion is one of the huge decisions that has had to be made on the teams, one of the other ones was Colin Montgomerie – the European Captain – has asked (not banned) his team from tweeting.

I can’t really see the benefit in this, although understand why it is being done. Twitter is a communication channel, and should be kept open, allowing people to communicate what they are thinking & what they are doing, and tweets during the Ryder cup for the players may be fascinating for those with a casual interest in golf (such as oneself).

The reason for the ban is due to respect for the teams, whilst we may not see Stewart Cink tweeting “Steeeeve Perry” to Rory McIlroy when he’s lining up for a cruicial putt, banter between the teams could demoralise the players (in a form of Cyber Sledging maybe).

So internet – the question for today is this – should twitter be banned for the players in the Ryder Cup? Or should it be open? If the latter, when should twitter be banned for selected parties?

Photo Credit: jon smith ‘una nos lucror’

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