As you probably know this blog is not as active as it once was. With good reason, I’ve been horrendously busy. Great busy, but busy nonetheless.

In any rate, I’ve been around & you can see me at the following places:-

  • Holistic Search Guest Blog - A few weeks ago I wrote a guest blog on Holistic Search SEO blog, entitled “City Agencies vs. Country Agencies: What’s the Difference?“. You may want to check that out.
  • ThinkvisibilityThis weekend I’m off to Thinkvisibility in Leeds, a search engine marketing & affiliate conference. I am well and truly a conference virgin, so I’m really looking forward to it & meeting people I’ve spoken with online, anybody going to this conference? I’ll be looking to post a round up sometime within the next few weeks.

As my head has been down, I’ve missed a lot of blogging, missed anything good?

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