With my round up of Think Visibility, I got a lot of interest, but with a job & generally being rushed off my feet, I was a bit slow in getting my round up as quick as I would’ve liked.

I was nippy, around about Tuesday night (2 days after the conference finished), going for length as opposed to speed (largely because Sunday & Monday were written off due to a stonking hangover). Sure I got a bit of feedback, but not as much as those who were quick off the mark, who shook off the hangover from the conference, and grafted their arses off to write a roundup post. These got the most buzz, links & comments.

It’s not just Think Visibility, I’ve seen this time & time again, hell I’ve been on the beneficial side of this: the biggest traffic day (by a country mile) in the last year has been My Take on the #thesiswp Drama – which went from concept to completion within 45 minutes or so. No more than 2 hours since the end of the actual drama that took place.

Then again, it could’ve been a rubbish post, but more and more I think if you’re offering an opinion (rather than fact) on a news event, then you should be as close as possible to the actual event.

But how do you provide insightful blog posts after an event? Well there’s a semi-cheating way I use for certain events to get my thoughts up even before the event even begins. I will share it in my next post.

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