In this blog post Carly Wood shares her link building tips & 20 sites where she gets links, as well as has a freebie at the bottom with 500 more.

When it comes to serious link building, a strategy that involves nothing more than social bookmarking just won’t cut it anymore.

If you have NO IDEA where to find good links this little article will help you to get started: you’ll find GREAT places for links, you’ll produce links that hold MORE WEIGHT AND they won’t be spammy. To boot, these links will help your rankings in the long run – unlike social bookmarking, they don’t just provide a short-term boost.

PLUS – There’s a FREE download with this post to keep you busy!<

So, let’s get started:

An important thing to determine first: Why bother? Why don’t we just submit to a couple of social bookmarking sites instead?

Well, a few years back social bookmarking lost its importance (in link building) because of spam. Now, social bookmarking is pretty useless for SEO (well, unless your page gets thousands of Diggs, or you’re optimising for the world’s longest-tail phrase). By bookmarking pages you’re just temporarily fooling Google into thinking they’re important. After a few days the ranking will drop and frankly, it just isn’t really worth it.

Instead, you should build quality links on niche community sites and show Google that people are engaging, sharing and commenting around your content.

This can lead to BIG RANKS.

Further, a niche community is a dedicated group of people willing to talk about your topic, it’ll bring targeted link sharers AND potential customers to your site. You’ll be able to build trust and authority PLUS <network with people in your niche who could offer you with great SEO opportunities later on.

To do this, you should try:

Posting quality news & articles

Let’s be clear: I’m not talking about starting up a blog. That’s SEO 101.

I’m talking about joining specialised communities/groups and posting interesting, relevant and useful content in them. And as long as the content you’re posting is valuable, the odd APPROPRIATELY placed link should be fine.

To get started, first join Gather and find groups centered on appropriate topics to the niche you’re optimising for. Now write quality articles and post them into those groups.

Example: Optimising for the term ‘pet shop’: Find a group about pets and post well-written pet care articles in the group. A single link to your (or your client’s) pet shop will be fine as long as they’re in context.

Some other places you should try: Instablogs, Snipsley, SheToldMe, Zimbio, Xomba.

Remember: the key is to write news about your industry and craft articles that people will be interested in, share and promote. Learn how to write great articles when you’re not too familiar with the topic by visiting my blog here.

Why not make your own social network?

If you can’t find a social network appropriate to your niche, create one. You can build a DIY social network for free. Usually they’re really easy to set up. I suggest spending A LOT of time getting the design and content just right. Make your social network attractive, interesting and appealing and people will join.

TOP TIP: Mail out past customers or subscribers and alert them about the new community. Their active participation will attract new members too!

To get started, visit Web Jam and sign up. Create a ‘hub’ of information, news and stories. This site isn’t fussy about how many links you use but remember: the idea is to attract OTHER people to participate in your hub.

Try these places too: Slinkset,, Spruz, Igloo, Social go, Grouply, Mixxt, Big Tent, Qlubb, Elgg.

How to find these great communities yourself!

If you’d like to find niche communities yourself, I have three top tips for you on my blog:

  • Using Google’s advanced search operators
  • ‘Sites like’ sites, and
  • Tools including Google discussions and BoardReader.

You can read my Niche Communities blog post here.

Bonus: Free Download

Do you want loads of my social media links?  Hundreds of blogs, websites, communities and resources directly in your bookmarks folder?  If so, visit my website here and you can have my stash for free.  They’re neatly organised for ease of use too!

This guest post was written for my blog by Carly (AKA SuperCarly) who really doesn’t deserve any links in the bio because she snuck several into her post.  But because I think she’s so lovely she can have one to her blog anyway:

Needless to say she wrote her own bio.

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