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This is great for those of us who are perrenial alcoholics, but for SEO’ers, who often have to write reports at the beginning of every month, it’s worth bearing in mind.

Generally speaking, traffic is lower at weekends for most sites, particularly business websites. Even this site has less traffic at weekends – for example here’s been the last 3 weeks traffic on my site.

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Can you spot the 3 weekends?

Business sites are even more severe, we have sites that have 5%-25% of traffic at weekends compared to the weekdays, and even Fridays are the lowest day of the working week.

With 5 Saturdays, Sundays & Fridays, then you’ve 15 days of a 31 day month with your traffic lower than normal, as opposed to between 9-12 days.

So if you’re writing reports at the end of the month, bear this in mind!

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