Recently I attended r3play, a retro gaming event in Blackpool, England. It was a lot of fun (to read about it please read my r3play review on Retro Garden), but what was nice for a social networking & web geek such as myself was that there was a twitter hashtag. This allowed the event to be tracked easily & quickly online, so the phone came out & tweetdeck came on, with a new column dedicated to #r3play.

RetroGamerVXUploading my #r3play video now, fingers crossed it works :)
meanmachinesmagRT @Sega_Mega_Drive: Started on the #r3play write up for #meanmachinesarchive , enjoying putting it together.
Sega_Mega_DriveStarted on the #r3play write up for #meanmachinesarchive , enjoying putting it together.
rhyswynneIn case you haven’t seen this – the coolest thing I saw at #r3play: Twitter client on a ZX Spectrum –

Of course, with something like Blackbird Pie you can embed individual tweets into your site, which can be great for tracking & blogging the key takeaways of the conference from everybody else. Furthermore it lets your blogging community know the influencers, getting them some followers.

But how about events? I did this with my recent trip around Europe with the whole purpose of blogging it, but unfortunately (for reasons I’ll explain later) it didn’t work.

You can use hashtags to microblog events that you attend. I’ve been playing around with a small script recently (with a help of ODesk) that is designed to turn your twitter feed into a post on your blog.

What you do is use a hashtag that nobody else will ever use. For my trip around Europe I used the hashtag #rhysvseurope, and for the event I tweeted last night (Burscough FC vs. Colwyn Bay) I used #buscoughvsbay. Basically silly tweets.

You can then at a later date use the Twitter Search & Blackbird Pie to get all your tweets from the event.

rhyswynneRight I’m off to Burscough for #burscoughvsbay – wish us luck!
rhyswynneOn train to #burscoughvsbay. Awfully slow going ATM.
rhyswynneTrain is running a bit late for #burscoughvsbay. May miss kick off. I NEVER miss kick off.
rhyswynneHad trouble getting in. Not because I’m scum, Burscough has the world narrowest turnstiles. #burscoughvsbay
rhyswynneBurscough come out to music & an enthusiastic DJ. I know the tune, but only as Helmut’s theme from Street Racer #burscoughvsbay
rhyswynne#burscoughvsbay bit ping pong at the moment. Freezing ones bits off.
rhyswynne#burscoughvsbay ref is so biased towards Burscough even they notice it, referring to the ref as Uncle Jim. Lovely!
rhyswynne0-0 HT. To all intents & purposes Burscough should be 1-0 up. Bay playing average. #burscoughvsbay
rhyswynne15 mins into second. Bit ping pong again! #burscoughvsbay
rhyswynne#burscoughvsbay Burscough have 4 solitary seats in one stand. I’ve been told they were 4 seats short of minimum regs. Game is terrible.
rhyswynne#burscoughvsbay YYYYYEEEAAAAHHHH….DAMMIT! Goal disallowed for offside. Sheds knocked it over from 6 yards out. Open goal. Still cold.
rhyswynneFinal score 0-0. Off to get warm in the clubhouse. Pint of fosters extra cold barkeep! #burscoughvsbay
rhyswynneTrain cancelled. Anybody going from Burscough to Manchester in the car? #burscoughvsbay
rhyswynne#burscoughvsbay Right train not arrived. Taxi not arrived. Relying on two people who are taxi drivers. In pub for cheeky half.
rhyswynneTRAINS ARRIVED!!! #burscoughvsbay
rhyswynne#burscoughvsbay finally home. 3 hours after game finished, and a £12 cab fare lighter. Tomorrow’s job? Get #northernrailpaymycab trending

The issue I had – and the warning to learn? Don’t hang around! By the time I got around to blogging about #rhysvseurope, the twitter search had archived the tweets, making them unsearchable. I could use Google, but it’s not 100% accurate, so if you are to blog an event, make sure you grab the tweets as early as you can.

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