Bit of a lazy blog post this week, as as most of you are aware, it’s approaching Christmas. Being the social bunny that I am – I’ve got a few Christmas Parties planned (work one, one with the wrestling, and one Manchester Digital Christmas Party), so I asked my followers what they wanted for Christmas. Here’s what they are hoping Santa leaves in their sack:-

JoannaButler@rhyswynne Free wi-fi AND electricity in all coffee shops for on-the-go nerding! Or a free SEO Dojo subscription.
DeanCruddace@rhyswynne a 12 bottle box of 1 litre Southern Comfort, thanks in advance
emiliebartlett@rhyswynne a wine cellar (cupboard) that never runs out, and a name that people don’t constantly misspell (IT’S NOT EMILY!)
littleladyjane@rhyswynne i want to be in it! ive ordered myself a 25th anniversary white carebear. ftw?
Mr603@rhyswynne a case of Chimay Grande Reserve would be lovely.
ismepete@rhyswynne Havana club anejo blanco – case would be good!
JestaThaRogue@rhyswynne Seeing as they’re all alcohol based, a case of Disserono and 42 cans of Pepsi Max
juliecheung@rhyswynne I want my teeth laser whitened for Christmas! And some base layers and waterproof socks for my BMF training :)

A mixed bag, I’m sure you agree. Question is, what are you hoping for for Christmas?

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