January 1st, 2011
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See You Later!


New year is a new start & all, and no such case than on this blog. As this will be – after 6 years – the last blog post on this blog.

Don’t cry! I’m still around, but have decided to go to a more professional domain, regain my blogging focus & try to start afresh.

So with that said, here’s where I’m still around:-

  • For SEO/Social Media style posts (the kind you’ve seen recently), check out the website for Winwar Media. I’m writing a bunch of posts on the site.
  • A lot of people over the course of my blog commented that I should write more personal posts. I’m posting it in my new personal blog – Rhys Wynne.
  • Also, I’ll still be posting on Retro Garden.
  • At the moment, I’ll still be having the WordPress Plugins & bbPress Plugins on this site (though this will change soon to the Winwar site).
  • Be sure to check out my OIO Publisher Review, my most popular post in the last year, or read the blog archive.

I look forward to seeing you at one of those sites. I’ve enjoyed blogging here – this domain was bought by my brother – has gone from Blogger to WordPress, and saw me move from being a mere hobbyist blogger into something more permanent.

I hope to see you again soon!


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