I am a twenty-something man currently living in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. I work full time as a web designer for a local company as well as earn a little bit of money with side projects, such as this blog.

For enjoyment I am a massive Colwyn Bay FC football fan, and like going to the pub and have a few real ales. I enjoy cricket and rugby union as well.

I do enjoy blogging, and I have been blogging now for 5 years. It has become a passion of mine to write articles and get them down on paper. I have met many wonderful people blogging, and it has generated interests in subjects I never knew I was interested in. I’d like to say my blog has been successful, I’ve appeared in the Guardian a few times (last time being here), as well as being on Radio Wales’ Mousemat (an MP3 of the show is available here), and been nominated for two years on the bounce in the Bloggies, but never won.

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Rhys Wynne, the author of this blog, is a 20 something web designer from Colwyn Bay. Go to my favourite posts

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