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I am a mid 20′s website designer, originally from Colwyn Bay, North Wales. I have been many things in my time, but the only thing that I can say I truly am is “geek”. I have a desire to help people and help them succeed with whatever they want to achieve through blogging. I have a in depth knowledge of a number of languages including HTML, CSS & PHP, and am well versed in WordPress, bbPress, Actinic, Joomla & Zen Cart. I also know a little bit about SEO & Internet Marketing.

Away from internet technology I work at times as a Professional Wrestling Lackey (either referee, or manager), I also love travelling, and have been to many places on this fair globe already. I enjoy most sports, reading & playing video games.

About This Blog

I have a tremendous passion with all things WordPress and blogging, appearing on BBC Radio Wales numerous times discussing blogging, as well as in The Guardian newspaper.

Recently, I have written a number of plugins for WordPress, as well as its sister site – bbPress.

Guides & Blogging How To’s

Track RSS readers in Google Analytics – Using “Goals” in Google Analytics to track visitors to the site, and where they subscribe. My best performing article ever.
Test Your Sites Usability with 5 Second Test
– Find out what areas of your site stand out from the crowd.
How To – Thank Commenters & Reduce Duplicate Comments On Your WordPress Blog
– Using clever redirects to reduce spam, duplicate comments & also improve signups to your blog.
How To – Guard Against WordPress Text Link Injection Attacks
– Protect your blog from SQL injection attacks.

WordPress Plugins

WP Email Capture – Start building your email list from within WordPress
WP Google Chrome Frame – Integrate your blog with Google Chrome Frame for Internet Explorer

bbPress Plugins

Show Top Posters – Show the top posters of the past month on your bbPress sidebar.
Image Resizer – Resize images that are posted within bbPress posts so they don’t mess up your layout.
reCaptcha bbPress – Integrate reCaptcha technology with your blog


I like to review things on this here blog, here are some of my favourite reviews:-

Book Review
Online Marketing Inside Out

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I write a free blogging newsletter that’s published every so often, highlighting some of my better posts as well as offer some “off the cuff” tips to readers, to subscribe for free, please fill in the form below:-

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As a thank you for subscribing, you can claim my free Twitter e-book: Value Added ReTweets!

You will learn how to promote your websites through effective retweeting.

It’s a short, 10 page report, featuring must have tips for retweeting. How to do it, how to format your retweets, and most importantly, when you should not retweet.

An easy read, this is aimed at people looking to create value with their readers, rather than spam them!

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I am mainly on Twitter, but I do have a number of other accounts you can check out.

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About Rhys

Rhys Wynne, the author of this blog, is a 20 something web designer from Colwyn Bay. Go to my favourite posts

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