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Wordpress 2.5 Released — 1 days ago

The latest version of Wordpress is out. Along with it looking fancy, it also stops an exploit whereby visitors to any blog written by a Welshman that Akismet deems sexy will allow backdoor entry to any visitors to the admin panel. That "backdoor entry" isn't a euphemism for gay anal sex, as sexy Welshmen don't swing that way.

WordPress Tat Released! — 45 days ago

We like peddling our wares, so why not buy our latest accessories, these include:

Note: We cannot be held responsible for any friend or family member saying "WTF?" when you wear our tat.

WordPress Hottest Female Blogger Competition — 83 days ago

Wordpress has announced it's "Hottest Blogger Competition". The judge for this competition will be Rhys Wynne, a 6 year blogger who knows his way around a woman. To enter, please submit pictures of yourself in a bikini to rhys [at] gospelrhys [dot] co [dot] uk. Rhys the competition.

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