Show Top Posters is a bbPress Plugin that displays the names, number of posts and (if desired) URL of the top posters on your bbPress forum. Simple as that. You can also set whether the post count is from the last week, month, day or year, or even for all time. You can choose to filter unsavoury URLs too.

This is based on the Show Top Commenters plugin by Nate Sanden


To install, create a “my-plugins” directory within the bbpress root directory. Extract the “top-posters.php” file into the directory you have created. You can then go to the “Site Management” Directory within the bbpress Administration, and click “activate”.

Wherever you want your “Top Posters” List Displayed, add the following code to your template.

<ul><?php show_top_posters(); ?></ul>



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  1. Kamael says:

    hi. the link for dowload plugin no found


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