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Last Updated: Saturday, 1 April 2006, 10:23 GMT 11:23 UK
Welsh Blogger Joins BBC Webteam
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The blogger signed a new deal of 100,000 per year for 3 years.
A blogger origionally from Colwyn Bay, North Wales has joined the BBC Webteam.

Rhys Wynne, 22, from Colwyn Bay signed a three year contract with the BBC, to blog exclusively for them.

Rhys has previuosly blogged for "The Art of Rhysisms" and "The Gospel According to Rhys", the latter was featured on the BBC Radio Wales' Show: Mousemat. 

'Dream Come True'

In a press conference in his local pub, "The Pen-Y-Bryn". Rhys commented on his decision.

"It's a dream come true", Rhys commented, "I've always wanted to blog for a living, and now I've been given the opportunity. Feels like all these years of hard work has paid off".

Rhys is the first blogger to blog exclusively for the BBC. He has not commented on what he will be blogging about.

Hopefully, with my fat 6 figure salary, I will have a few more nights out, with many beautiful women
Rhys Wynne
"Oh, the usual stuff" said the Welshman. "Just me, and my nights out. Hopefully, with my fat 6 figure salary, I will have a few more nights out, with many beautiful women.".

Rhys' blogging exploits have already attracted the ire of tons of hot, fit women, all wanting to get their end away with him.

"I'm a celebrity now!" Rhys says, happily. "I've even started using coke!". 

Luckily, he was talking about the popular fizzy drink.

Avril Fooelle, head of the BBC's blogging department, says Rhys would be a fantastic addition to the team.

"Rhys approaches blogging the same way we'd all like to," she told the BBC News website. "complete, balls-out, this is me and I don't give a shit. He's been banned in China too, you know".

Angry Pandas

However, not all of Rhys' readers support the decision.

"He's sold out," said Sarah Waling, 23, ex-girlfriend of Rhys, blogger at "Confuzzlement of a Sazzle", and full on lezza.

"He shouldn't be gallivanting around London's club scene blogging and waking up to beautiful women. That should be me."

She's not the only one.

A blogger, known only as "Ally", from Liverpool, posted this on her website.

"Rhys has disappointed me, disappointed his nation, and disappointed his mother for joining the BBC."

However others, such as Fern.....somethingorother, who lives in a land full of convicts, supports his decision, saying "It was going to happen anyway."



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