Commenting on this blog is a privledge, not a right. After recent events I feel I should say what I will and will not allow on this blog in terms of comments.

Your comment will be deleted if:

  • Your “name” in the comment is not a name, company name (in some occassions), or an internet nickname. Keyword rich names, website names and companies I think who are trying to leech off my success will have their comment deleted.
  • Blogs must look complete, no kubrick/default about pages.
  • If your website is irrelevant to what I blog about. “Relevant” basically covers blogs, and the sites that a 20 something year old male are interested in. If you’re site is about remortgages, medication and typical high profit niches, then I will probably either remove the website from your comment, or delete your comment permantly.
  • If your comment I feel doesn’t add to the discussion, just spam, then your comment will be deleted and be marked as spam.

Should you wish to advertise your website on my blog, you may do so via Text Link Ads, or through my Bid Directory – the latter of which has the top 10 links syndicated upon this blog.

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