Hello! Thanks for clicking on the the Rhys Wynne Beer and Food Fund (Unregistered Charity #1240239). This is where you can show your appreciation of the fine website we have here.

I’ll be brutally honest, I don’t like asking for money, so I’m not technically, but if you are on the other side of the world, you can make my life a little bit better by doing what is the customary show of appreciation of those of us who are over 16 in the United Kingdom.

We buy a pint.

Of course, as much as I would love all of you to come over to Liverpool to visit me to buy me beer, I understand that it’s not possible. Hence the Rhys Wynne Beer and Food Fund (Unregistered Charity #1240239). You can send me £2 (via Paypal) to spend on beer, £2 being the current rate of a pint in Colwyn Bay for a decent ale, plus those pesky paypal fees.

Those of you who don’t believe that I should drink, can contribute some money for food or towards a mortgage or something else by clicking on another button, which is located underneath.

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Rhys Wynne, the author of this blog, is a 20 something web designer from Colwyn Bay. Go to my favourite posts

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