Technorati Tag Generator

Technorati Tag Generator is a small standalone application which allows the users to generate tags to tag their posts with so that the Technorati search engine can find them. This allows blog readers to find useful content depending on their interests

Technorati Tag Generator was written in JustBASIC, and includes full source code.

Download Here:

Sudoku Blitz

Sudoku puzzles are logic puzzles involving the numbers 1 to 9. In them, you have to fill in a 9×9 grid so that every single row, column and 3×3 grid (the 9×9 grid is filled up of 9 3×3 grids) has the digit 1 to 9. As such, each digit can appear only once in every row, column and 3×3 grid. In this version, 40% of the grid (approximately 30 squares) are given to you. From these squares, you are able to work out the rest.

Sudoku Blitz is a sudoku puzzle generator created in Blitz Basic 2D in approximately 1 week.

Download Here:

The Square Game

Final Version of The Square Game! Includes 25 levels, time attack mode, level editor, pack editor and music. The game involves navigating a maze of yellow blocks to the exit, but beware! In order to complete the level, no blocks may be left. Watch out for special blocks also.

Download Here:

The Wormhole

The classic web game which involves you navigating an ever-decreasing in size cave. The only control is the mouse button, which you must press and depress in order to navigate. Highly addictive game.

Download Here:


A simple game made to ease me back into Blitz programming. Based on a web game. By using the arrow keys, collect the squares whilst avoiding the circles. Time is off the essance to score a high score, and enter the hall of fame. Another highly addictive game!

Download Here:

Intruder Alert

A twist on the whole Pacman concept. You play the ghost in a maze, who is furiously guarding his power pills against a stream of pacman monsters. Although by simply touching the pacmen can destroy them, you may be overwhelmed. Defend for 200 seconds and get a high score!

Download Here:

Penalty Prize 2002

A remake of my first ever game made! Updated for this world cup. Penalty Prize is back, live and in living colour! 2 players only and featuring the last 16 teams in the world cup 2002, which was held jointly by Japan and South Korea.Download Here:


One of my first Blitz Basic Games was a remake of a game called Ripcord, a freeware game for the Atari ST. This game was designed to get me used to the language, but it was moderately successful, being featured on and Gamehippo.comDownload Here:


A game made for Coders Workshop Weekly Workshop, which is a competition to make a game within a week with a certain theme. One week, the competition was to make a unique shoot-em-up game. This was my entry, gridshot.Screenshot:here
Download Here:

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