November 16th, 2010
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Formula 1 is Dead!


Creative Commons License photo credit: nhayashida

In the last week, Sebastian Vettel became the Formula 1 champion. It’s  a sport with global appeal, generating millions of dollars of revenue for anybody associated with it. Despite this, there are two things I am sure with it.

  • Rule Changes Are Common – Every year there are rule changes (see 2010 Rule Changes) in Formula 1. These are designed to make it more exciting, relevant & more competitive, allowing the quality (and occassionally the scum) to rise to the top.
  • I Don’t Understand It’s Appeal – there we go, I admit it. I can’t understand the appeal. Sure I wouldn’t turn it off if it was on the telly, but I don’t understand why people get up at sillybuggeroclock on a Sunday to watch it, or analyse what is effectively a parade.

Therefore I conclude that Formula 1 is Dead.

Despite the fact it’s turning over billions, has worldwide coverage, has corporates throwing money at it, lucrative to be seen with & generally a good thing. It’s dead. Largely for the two reasons I said above.

Sounds silly doesn’t it?

But that is exactly what people are saying about SEO. An industry that is turning over billions, has worldwide coverage, has corporates throwing money, lucrative to have & generally a good thing. It is been declared over and over as being dead. Heck, even a great guest post by Gary Arndt where he said he believed that Social Media was a Wiser Investment than SEO, got flagged up as an “SEO is Dead” post, when it quite clearly wasn’t.

SEO is prone to rule changes. In fact it happens all the time. Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean you should dismiss it.

To return to the Formula 1 analogy, if you look at the teams at the top of the standings, the top 3 constructors have 109 years experience and 25 construction championships between them. From my (limited) knowledge, it seems that experience does count in Formula 1.

As it does SEO.

That’s what people invest in. Long time SEO’s with a proven track record of success will attract investment. Those who test, try things, play around with things, build good content, research & generally spend time getting “it” will end up dominating rankings, as well as getting compensated well for their troubles. Those who try for a bit, fail & then give up declare that SEO is Dead, and move onto the next fad to make their millions (e-book on interviews anybody?). This is not necessarily a problem, as it makes my job easier.

So this is the question: will you research, test, try & succeed like Ferrari? Or will you give up like Footwork-Cotsworth?

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