Over the course of time, I have been making plugins for various popular pieces of software, they are split into the following categories at the moment. Click on the logo of the piece of software for a list of plugins for it.

wordpresslogoWordPress is a popular blogging platform built on MySQL/PHP technology, and used for sites all over the world, in many different languages. WordPress is fast, secure & stable, easy for anybody to use, and a thriving extension community allowing for people to get almost anything done with the piece of software.

WordPress Plugins

WP Email Capture WordPress Plugin
WP Google Chrome Frame


bbPress is a derivative of WordPress which instead of running a blog, it’s used to run a forum. Simple, quick and easy to install, it’s designed to be light, so it’s lacking a lot of the features found in other pieces of software. Nevertheless, the real power is in the plugin, and community users are busy expanding the functionality with plugins. Here’s a list of mine.

bbPress Plugins

Show Top Posters bbPress Plugin
Image Resizer bbPress Plugin
reCaptcha bbPress Plugin

bbPress Custom Forum Integration

I offer a bbPress Custom Forum Installation service. Read more and get a quote for your website on my bbPress Custom Forum Installation & WordPress Integration page.

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