Image Resizer is a BBPress plugin whereby images that are larger than the width of the forum are resized using CSS. Using the back end, you can set the maximum width of the image. No further configuration necessary.

It requires Allow Images plugin to work.

Compatible with RC-1!


Unzip the imagerezier.php into the bb-plugins, and activate it on the dashboard.


Ask them below or on the bbPress therad.

Change Log

2009-05-25 Ver. 0.2 Tested in RC-1
2009-05-17 Ver. 0.1 released.

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  1. Navin Poeran says:

    Thanks for this plugin.

    Those that don’t want to use this plugin, can always add this code in their css file:

    #thread .post img {width:450px;} // adjust own width there

    The css file is in /bb-templates/YOUR-theme/

  2. Rhys says:

    That’s very true but the problem with that approach is that any pictures that are under (in your example 400pixels) will be increased to 400px. This plugin will only resize images that are too big.

  3. Navin Poeran says:

    You’re absolutely right, I didn’t think of that. Thanks.

  4. Navin Poeran says:

    I found this solution also very helpfull:

    #thread .post img {max-width:450px;}

  5. Marius says:

    This plugin does not work at all for me. It installs without problem, but nothing happens to the pictures in my forum. Have a look:

    Using the newest BBpress v1.02.

  6. Rhys says:

    Hi Marius

    have you activated it in the BBPress admin section?

    (Plugins > Image Resizer option screen).

  7. Marius says:

    Yeah, it’s activated, still nothing happens. Whats the reason for this?

  8. Rhys says:

    Not a clue I’m afraid. I’ll get 1.0.2 on my test installation and I’ll try it from there.

  9. Marius says:

    Yeah please do, I really need this plugin.
    In the adminpanel, you’re only supposed to write the number right? The number of pixels?

    You don’t need to write “580px” ?

  10. Rhys says:

    Yes that’s correct :)

  11. Marius says:

    Well when can you fix this? Let me know when you have, and please send me an email.

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