I love my Wii, it’s a return to proper gaming in my eyes. Fun, fast and completely unserious. You can play online too, hence the reason for this post.

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Friend Code – 8781 2520 7829 2583

Mario Kart
Probably one of the Wii’s strongest games, and certainly the best online. This game has everything – classic and modern courses, a brilliant control system with the Wii Wheel and an ultra playable online mode. If you have a Wii and don’t own this game, then my heart bleeds for you.

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Friend Code – 3265-5199-9835

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
A fun, if insane beat em up featuring Mario and his buddies. Watch them knock 25 shades of toadstools out of each other, as well as some extra characters. Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, and the ubiquitous Sonic the Hedgehog. This game is a lot of fun on multiplayer, so join me!

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Friend Code – 4554-1418-1010

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
A Pro Evolution Soccer game that really is an “Evolution”. Online mode is a little shonky, but am always up for a kicking. I usually play as Merseyside Red and hate Barcelona players.

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Friend Code - 3523-2033-4847

Batallion Wars 2
A sleeper hit game for the Wii, Batallion Wars 2 is a tremendous online war game. Probably won’t get the attention it deserves, but a fun online game if completely insane!

Buy Battallion Wars 2

Friend Code - 124-681-379-915

Nights: Journey Into Dreams
More of a single player, but they’ve shoehorned in a nice little online race/battle game. Not that busy online but if you fancy a few races, let me know.

Read Nights: Journey Into Dreams Review on this Blog

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Friend Code - 3566-0961-7392

Super Mario Strikers Charged
Wii’s first online game and a rather fun football game. Seemed to be not as busy as when it first came out, but is a cracking online game especially amongst friends. Be warned – some VERY good people online though!

Read Mario Strikers Charged Review on this Blog

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Friend Code – 279275-449152

And Now You!
Leave your friend code to the relevant game in the comments (or e-mail me) and I’ll try to arrange a game. Of course, let me know if you’ve added me so I can add you back!


  1. Brandy says:

    Mario Kart: 3995-7413-3274

  2. Brandy says:

    Wii Number:
    8523 2945 6411 0969

    Mario Kart:
    3995 7413 3274

  3. Martin says:

    wii number 3096 0210 1484 4758 add me ppl

  4. Oliver says:

    My wii code is:8340 7322 8161 2828
    My Super smash bros brawl code is:1762 4314 6452
    Plz add me guys im a good friend

  5. Kazim says:

    my wii code is:7902 7406 7711 2855
    Plz Add Me im a good friend like oliver i will be ur best best friend please add me if you have a nintendo wii
    MY WII CODE IS:7902 7406 7711 2855

  6. Kazim says:

    ive added u babe

  7. lineup says:

    i am always online jus i wil type ur numbers and will add u

  8. Steve Saxon says:

    Having had a Wii for several months now, and not being an immediate fan … I have since grown to LOVE the Wii! I can not get enough of it (mainly due to having more time on my hands at the moment!).

    My personal favourites at the moment are Mario Bros Wii, Smackdown v RAW 2010, Ratatouille and of course Mario Karts.

    I am not online with the Wii at the moment, but once I move house next month, I will be signing up online. I used to swear by XBox360 Online play … but since have sold the XBox360 … missed it at first, but the Wii has proved to be a successful and much loved replacement.

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